Pastry Puff McMuff

Mc Muffin still wants lessons?

I can sleepwalk his expressions

Off the steep stocks of great depressions

He needs my permission to cheap talk—

His voice I keep locked in D-Block prisons

With Elsha, Krulltar, and Mess

All confined with their weak rusty rhymes at best.

Trust me I’ve crushed a supercilious MC

But Pastry Puff McMuff’s just a pest

The super silliest I see.

StudMuffin and ‘lame’ coalesced

With ‘pathetic’ in the dictionary.

He officially became

Why I blame


His mere existence

Is inhumane.

He spits grits

Up in his rap


I can’t stand him like bigotry, son,

So I had his dignity hung.

In this rhyme convention

WINSlow has won.

Get at me dun.. ONE!

(Muffin looks like he’s about to cry. )

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