numb and numb'er'

Casey’s eyes felt like they had been used as a rag to clean up dust in the warehouse. Her co-workers surrounded her, engaged in an enthusiastic conversation revolving around cereal and ice cream. Casey kept her gaze averted, focusing on opening the zip lock bag, inserting the cartridge, inserting the instructions, inserting the felt pad and closing the zip lock bag. Everyone had about 200 to complete.

After sealing the 69th ziplock bag, Casey began to feel awkward for not participating in her co-workers’ conversation. “It would be a good opportunity to get to know them,” she chided herself. Instead, she ignored her discomfort and sank deeper into herself. A lift truck rode by, with what appeared to be a box of whips. Casey knew she was beginning to see and feel things from last night. She remembered the sensation of hot wax mercilessly being spilled all over her. There had been a gag in her mouth that smelled of cotton and old lemons.

“They have Special K with blueberries now?” She blurted out, loudly.

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