Alone No Longer

“Arthur, you’ve made an amazing discovery, and deserve recognition, but you can’t be serious.”

“You don’t understand. This isn’t for me, this is for everybody. I have to spread the word of the Crystal.”

“So, you are going to create a church. In your name. With everybody regarding you as a messiah. But you are doing it for the good of mankind. Sorry, I just don’t buy it.”

“You must see. You know that people aren’t ready for the technology, I must guard it, and to do that I need an organization. I need the Mydian Scientists. You know it makes sense.”

“No, Arthur, I don’t know that, and stop trying to use that voice on me, you know my defenses are too strong.”

“So you will not join me. I can’t just let you out to damage what I am trying to build—”

“But you will let me out. I have always been strongest next to you. I’m sure you would win if it came down to the two of us, but I would still manage to take this place down in the process.”

“…very well. You will not be harmed so long as you do no harm.”

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