Tad Winslow, must I repeat?
You don’t AWAIT defeat?
You’re already obsolete.
And while you walk the street,
no shoes on your feet,
think about why you shouldn’t compete.

You’re just a major tooler.
You need to go to class, Bueller.
The definition of a loser,
You’ve got half as much class
as a bird’s stool, uh.

And my british heritage gives me extra skills, innit?
While you’re doomed to lose, I’m in it to win it.

And the ladies can’t help gimme oogly stares,
as I walk up the old apples ‘n’ pears.

The lou is for you,
no matter what you do,
your rhymes are weak
and your name still is, too.

Eddie Joe, I won’t even touch.
A God among us, he’s the leader of the bunch.
As well as Elshahawk, they’re the elite team in this game,
unlike you, who’s the definition of LAME.


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