Writer's Block 5: Return to Annoyance

Henry was on his quest to stop The Ruby Ear from creating his evil empire, Henry discovered that he, again , didn’t exist.
Henry was within Ficly itself, trapped in the “Let’s Write” box.
Henry began taking punctuation marks.
After he got enough he made a sword out of them:—]==>
He cut his way through the te xt, trying to make his way to the publish button.
He cut through gibberish, thi nking that the author slept on the keyboard.
shsdchdchdcvhdvvvvhchhvb dsgcfsaihdtftffgrfheufhiufbh nvhgttttttttttttttsxrt777vvvbcx ik8vchioki8okikj7ujoik67oi ufvguifhuighfdigfggkfhgkdfhgkfhghgfhgfhghghfkjgjfgfhggfhgfghg
vhtughfgfhgfgkfhgjfhgjgghh hhfkghfdkghfdjghdfhgjdhgkjdhgdfhgkjfdgfhgkjfhgfgkjfhghhghf
Henry then tried reaching for the publish button, but he was trapped inside the text box, speedily running out of characters.
Henry tried throwing something at the publish button. The thing hit the sequel button, witch resulted in Henry being trapped inside a non-existent sequel.
“SOMEBODY HELP!” Henry shouted.

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