The Heart of Dracarta

Dragon flight was banned three weeks ago. I haven’t seen a dragon in the sky since.

Dracarta’s messenger service, my dream, has been closed. Their dragons are land-bound now, and it’s causing trouble. Dragons and keepers alike are greatly displeased with these turns of events, the city is in turmoil. Rhindaraen soldiers have begun carting our dragons off their home city. I say carting, because the dragons aren’t going quietly. Just two days ago Ben saw soldiers killing an uncontrollable dragon on the field when it tried to escape. Now the keepers are leaving with their charges, and the soldiers aren’t complaining. Thus, Dracarta’s loss is doubled.

The flightless, hard-labor dragons will be replaced by oxen, and our farmers will have to be taught how to care for the foreign beasts. Flight is being “revolutionized” by new, smaller planes, but that won’t save our city now. It will take months for all the dragons to be taken to Rhindar, and they want all of them. We’ve lost our identity.

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