I have no idea what year it is. I’ve tried asking, but I don’t think they understand the question. This room is a Trek-like holodeck, and they don’t seem to want me to leave. I don’t even know if this is Earth to be honest. Or any planet at all.

Every day I spend most of my time speaking into this device. I tell them my thoughts and feelings and memories from my life. I have no idea how much they understand but I know they’re working on translations. A few times, they’ve been able to communicate some basic info to me. So I know that they are my descendants. Our descendants. That they find me interesting.

Beyond that, there’s hardly anything I understand about them. They clearly have some sort of technology, but I don’t think they understand when I use the word.

I had a phD once. I liked SciFi. I was always a bit of a futurist. I would have thought I’d be able to deal with this. That’s why I signed up for cryogenics in the first place. To see the future. Not just an empty room.

I wish I was dead.


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