My mind is filled with ghosts that I can’t shake free of. They gather and remind me of all the things that were. Our first date, first kiss, first time we had sex. They shine like spots in my mind while the world outside tries to cover them in fog.

I remember the sound of your laugh, the sight of your smile, the sting of your rebuke and the tragedy of your tears.

But no one else remembers you.

No one can place your name or your face. All my photos of you have faded to grey. My friends tell me that you’re a figment of my imagination. A delusion caused by too much work and not enough rest. But I remember you, and I remember the gray men.

I remember when you told me about them, the ones who keep the world in motion, who set it’s clocks and control our lives. I laughed when you said those things, I thought it was just your vivid imagination. I believe you now, even if it’s too late.

I can feel the fog outside getting closer worming into my head and I wonder, when if I disappear, will I find you again?

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