The Sixth Sword of Dominion: Night's Princess

Allor knelt before the Sword, as he did each night since it became his responsibility. Sheathed and kept on an ornate stand, the Celestial Sword gave off a gentle glow. Most called it the Moon Sword as if it were a title. Allor knew it was the second of three Celestial Swords but he never thought of it as such. He knew it’s Name- Night’s Princess, the Splintered Mirror and it was his only heirloom left to him by his father, King Steiras, dead these seven years.

Allor shared his concerns with the Sword and sought its counsel. Armies were meeting on the Fields of Gohori tomorrow. Both had brought one of the fabled Storm-swords to battle. Two of the seven swords that were never supposed to cross, by decree of the gods, would face off at dawn, wielded by arrogant and greedy men. When that happened, the fragile ties that bound the nations together would break for good.

“What role am I to play tomorrow?” Allor whispered, his head bowed low.

The Sword answered him in the silence and Allor began to laugh.

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