Last Goodbye

“Goodbye” she said, as she turned and walked out the door, letting it shut softly behind her.

This isn’t the first time we’ve fought, but it feels different. The other times we’d yell and scream at each other, and it would end with me or her storming out. We would take some time to cool off until we got back together, how much time would just depend on how long it took me to come around and realize what she was trying to get through to me.

Inevitably it would happen again. I’d get all worked up and she’d break down in a mess of sobs and tears. She would say she was leaving for good, but her heart was never in it. This time though, it sounded more final. Not a single tear fell as she packed up all of her things. There wasn’t a hint of a choke in her voice as she said that final word.

Maybe she just needs a day or two.

Maybe she isn’t really leaving.

Maybe she’s gotten good at goodbye…

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