HS Rapper

(M.C. Wift steps up to the mic)

Now I can’t put up with this shit
Talk to MC Wift
He can sort it
And compensate for your attempts at wit.

T, honestly
You think yo better than me?
You go to the ladies when you pee
’Cos you got no willy

And all this hate
At my mates
I can tell you’re irate
You think yo so great
Just wait
While yo mum sucks me off
But at least you’re no goth

Aint that right, Mess?
Yo black and white spesh
Are yo leaving?
Then I guess we’re one less.

Muffin, you’re nothing
What you’re saying is bluffing.
You don’t know your lyrics
Your lyrics are mimics.
Your rhythm is shitting
You really should quit it.
You’re really smelling
It’s worse than your spellin
And I’m tellin
You to stop being a melon.

Rorscharch, Joe, Elsha,
You got a hella
A lot of talent,
But not on this planet,
Get back to writing,
Your rapping is shiteing,
I still like ya,
It’s not with you that I’m fighting.

If you’re brave, Join the rave,
I’m off to catch some waves,

(Pockets the mic and walks off)

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