Well y’see… ah was checking out yer bit rate there, and ah noticed yer PRAM wasn’t getting enough ethernet, which as you prolly know uses a lot’a binary. So ah popped open tha hard drive and sho’nuff, tha CPU ain’t balancing properly. Turns out ya got a few too many ones and not enuff zeros.

Now, we ken order you sum more, but keep in mind they’s not any kinda cheap, and only come in packs of ones and zeros, which is sum kinda stupid if ya ask me, so this is gonna run ya kinda steep. Ah tell you what tho, ah know a feller what works in tha factory thet makes them tiny little things, ken get’cha a pretty good deal on those thet fall offa the belt during the degaussing sequence. Thet big’ole factory ain’t gonna miss a few, no sir.

Problem is they’ll need to be sorted by hand. Now I ken do thet, but I’mona need to tack on a little fee, but ya’ll come out ahead in tha end don’cha worry.

S’a good thing ya called me. Any other feller’d be askin’ stupid questions like “is it plugged in?”

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