Cemetery Surprises

A giggle erupted from behind me. I turned expecting exactly what I saw- nothing. Mary delighted in hiding from me, proving that the graveyard was hers and reminding me that I was a guest.

Slim, cold hands slipped over my eyes. A new game today? Well I could play games with the best of them.

“Beverly?” I asked with exaggerated innocence.

A soft whisper next to my ear answered me. “Three tries, handsome. One down, two more to go.”

“What day is it? Saturday? You must be Shelly then.”

“Last chance and you’re mine.”

“Yours? I think that you’re mistaken. Today I intend on collecting what you owe me. That’s fair, don’t you think, Mary?”

My hands covered hers and rested atop them. The coldness of her skin never ceased to amaze me. I often joked that ice ran through her veins instead of blood.

Throaty laughter filled the still air of the cemetery. Mary had never laughed like that before.

I turned to confront her.

It was not Mary that stood there but some strange girl whom I had never seen before.

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