Bee Eff Eff

Roy met me at the door to his apartment and let me in with shaking hands. Three bodies overlapped on his kitchen floor. He slammed the door behind me and words poured out of him.

“I can’t believe you’re here. You really came. All those years ago we made promises- I didn’t think you’d actually-”

“Later. Right now we gotta do something with these. I don’t want to know anything except if this can be traced back to you? Does anybody know that they were coming here?”

“No, I don’t think so. It was the stupid girls fault. She was wigging out- she went crazy. I didn’t know what to do.”

I kept my voice calm. I’d never been in a situation quite like this before but a high stress job is a high stress job. If you lose your cool- you’re done.

“All right Roy, first things first, this is going to be an all-nighter. I need you to be cool. Take a deep breath. I’m here now. Remember when we were kids? We were unstoppable. Tonight is no different. Best friends.”

He nodded slowly. “That’s right- best friends. Forever.”

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