Do Not Press The Shiny Red Button

It was shiny. And red. What idiot could refuse?

Marcus stared at the button like it was the key to the best brothel station in the eighth galaxy. He had to press it. He had to!

“No.” Jen slapped his hand down and glared at him. “No button pressing. We’re in the middle of commandeering an alien vessel. Nothing good ever came of pressing big shiny red buttons.”

“Don’t slap your captain,” Marcus said, rubbing his hand. He looked at the big red button again and noticed a little green button beside it on the control panel. “Ooooh! Pretty.”

“No!” But Jen was too slow this time. Marcus pressed the little green button and felt instant relief. Pressing buttons was the best!

“See, we’re all fine and dandy. No harm done.” Marcus smiled.

“Attention, self destruct in ten…nine…eight…”

Jen raised an eyebrow as the automated voice continued its countdown.

“Well, bugger me,” Marcus said.

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