Burning in the Fire pt 2

She thought she was alone.
sitting in the silence.
Her eyes spied a visage
From her yesterdays.

A sad and desperate face,
belying his disgrace.
A hunger lies beneath the eyes
That turn away.

“I never forget
“Don’t ever let
“When down to the wire
“Together we’ll see them
“Burning in the fire”
“When down to the wire
“We’re murder for hire
“We’ll make sure they
“Burn in the fire!”

He brushed back her hair.
Pulling her in close.
Tasting her breath
As she began to speak.

“Don’t try to get too close
“Or I’ll make you a ghost
“Don’t hurt me or i’ll have you dead
“Within a week!”

She’d never forget.
Despite that she let..
With her heart on the wire
She let the boy’s kisses…
Burn her in the Fire.
When it’s down to the wire.
They were murder for hire.
They’ll make sure you
Burn in the Fire.

It’s your funeral Pyre.
They were murder for hire.
She’s out on the street to..
Burn you in the Fire.

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