bluefish: The Ultimate Chronicle

Chapter 1: Egg

Somewhat romantically under the full moon, bluefish’s parents and 30 of their closest friends engaged in a wild evening of broadcast spawning above a particularly pristine reef in the southwest corner of the Bahamas. 50,000 eggs traveled north on the Gulf Stream and hatched a month later.

Chapter 2: Fry

On hatching, bluefish, now separated from his siblings, set about determining how to survive the world presented to him. These were his formative weeks, and he spent them furiously drifting further north.

Chapter 3: Smolt

Soon, bluefish found himself on the western edge of the North Atlantic Gyre. Never one to waste an opportunity, he taught himself to read from bits of plastic floating in the water. He resumed drifting north.

Chapter 4: Adult

Finally arriving in shallow but very cold water, bluefish put his heart and soul into the virtually impossible task of developing limbs. He was ultimately successful. Dragging himself ashore in Iceland, he set about finding an Internet connection.

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