I was watering the front lawn, when Milly happened by.
“Good afternoon,”
“It’s that, Milly,” i replied to the aging woman. She plodded along the sidewalk pulling her cart full of Lord-knows-what, “Done shopping?” I made conversation.
“Oh yes,” her head bobbed, and her eyes darkened on the neighbor’s house, “Is it true what they say about,” she daren’t mention his name. She only jabbed a thumb at the house.
I looked. The drapes were pulled shut, disallowing my scrutiny. I shrugged, and offered only a weak smile, “I’m not sure, Milly, I’ll be honest,” my attempt at keeping the mood of this exchange failed, “He seems like a nice man,”
“I heard he hid her in the attic,”
“Where did you hear such a thing?”
“Oh, you know..” her finger twirled in the air, “People talk. I’d be concerned if I was you,”
I let the hose-nozzle snap shut, “Oh now, I don’t think I have anything to worry about,”
“That girl is still missing,” she continued on her walk, pointing.
I looked at the attic window. To my horror, I saw a face.

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