Another red light; all I want is to get home. This day has been horribly trying since I rolled out of bed this morning. My favorite shirt had a stain, I almost forgot my son’s field trip money, the daycare had a lice infestation, I was railroaded and barely made it to work on time, my lunch was postponed due to an overlong meeting, and right as the clock ticked to 5PM, my boss handed me a huge stack of papers.

My phone rang.

“Mrs. Walters?”
“This is Regional Hospital. Your husband has been brought in.”
“WHAT?!” I pulled the car over briskly, earning an angry honk from the vehicle behind me.
“We need you to come sign some paperwork.”
“What happened?” Panic made my voice tremble.
“There was an accident.”
“I’ll be right there.”

Whipping the car around, I tried to remember to stop at stop signs and look both ways before continuing. He should have gotten the kids from daycare. Were they at the hospital too? What if I lose him?

Not even looking where I parked, I ran to the entrance.

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