Tug of War

The beggar looked up at him gratefully, mumbling something incoherent. He was missing a front tooth.

Gavin stepped away from him, using a hankercheif to wipe remnants of the bird poop off his face. His wife, Julia, bursted through the doors of the courthouse, surrounded by her lawyers. She flipped her long brown hair. Gavin thought of Andie MacDowell in a Pantene Pro-V commercial.

“Sucks to be you, I guess,” Julia said.

I’m not giving you my laptop before I have a chance to transfer my files," Gavin said.

“Yes you are,” Julia replied menacingly. “I’ll tell the judge. He will hold you in contempt of court.”

“This isn’t the middle ages, Julia,” Gavin said. “We are out of the courtroom now. It is not possible for me to be held in ‘contempt’ of court.”

Julia shot a glance behind her. “David! Drive me home immediately—I need to use MY laptop.”

“Are you out of your mind?” Gavin asked. “What did I ever do to you to deserve this?”

The beggar began a coughing fit, walking down the sidewalk into downtown.

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