A letter to the Editor

Excuse me, Excuse me, Listen one and all!
Please clean out your ears from the Mess in hall.
Mr. Mess, Mr. Mess, pick your shit up off the floor.
Pack your rhymes, pack your rhythms, and I’ll see you to door.

Extra ordinary extraordinary, This ain’t your pretentious house!
Take a step back, you’re skill’s are weaker than a louse,
On Crack, on Speed, you can’t compete with me.
I’ve got that ADD, it nets me what I need.

Thinking fast, I wont be last.
Neutron style, I got a Brain Blast.
You be slow, no room to grow,
Old ideas make dirty flow.

I keep it fresh, straight from the ground.
Let’em grow, Then cut’em down.
In your face, in your space,
But always in quite good taste.

Simple rhymes and simple times,
They all just go to waste.
Unless you bring me something fresh,
Then bring me something to delete this taste.

I just thought you ought to know,
I’m just here to see the show.
But if you mess up you can bet,
I’ll be there to make you sweat.

A note to the current leader,
Sent from A very Concerned Reader.

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