Thrown Out

Joss was not used to being treated so poorly, and he made that very clear to the man throwing him out of the theatre. Unfortunately for Joss, the man seemed to be much more concerned with how fast he could get Joss out and run back in to catch the end of the screening for “My Love Never Dies”.

“It’s not even a good movie! Not without me in it, at least!” Joss yelled from the cold pavement. “Come on, man!”

But the bouncer was back in the theatre, the scuffed back door firmly locked behind him. Joss sighed, pushed himself up, and tried to brush the dirt off of his once dapper pinstriped suit. He looked around, his ski-slope nose wrinkling in disgust at the smell rising from the piles of trash around him. The thought of sneaking back into the theatre through the front door crossed his mind briefly, but Joss’s body still smarted from the bouncer’s rough handling and he decided against it.

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