Flint Key

I met a man who was made of radio waves. Let me tell you the story.

My friend Sam wanted to see all the information flying above our heads. His interest was in what it looks like before we decode it. The experiment began 16 years ago.

Last night, 2 am, Sam woke me, muttering, “We’re killing them, people dead at my feet.” After a cup of coffee and an attempted explanation, Sam decided it would be easier to show me his progress. We entered his lab and he turned on what appeared to be a large beer vat. Hissing and sparks emitted, then subsided.

At that moment I thought my brain had lost itself. People, a family, were seated on a couch, flickering. Sam then started a small box which he called a Flint Key. He explained, “This makes it so they can see us.”

The father on the couch seemed startled but quickly recovered. “Ah, you must be another of Sam’s carbon people.” Shocked I waited for something, anything, to relieve the swelling in my brain. The man then asked me, “So, are you going to save the world?”

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