An Inheritance

His whole life had been leading to this moment, yet he wasn’t quite sure how he got here. Reflecting back, he could see the maze that had lead him here.
He should have been tipped off when his father had told him a myriad of stories that involved stolen treasure and dire consequences, but he was only a kid. Once he grew into his teenage angst, the stories stopped. Mostly because he didn’t care to listen anymore. The loss of innocence, he supposed.
And then there was that “gift” his father had bequeathed to him. It had been quite a pain to find the damn thing with the list of clues and secret hiding places, but he had stuck with it. It seemed important to his father even in death.
And now here he stood, holding the fluorescent green button that he thought was just some weird memento tied to one of the yarns his father used to spin for him. But it was so much more. He only had to reach out, push the button into the dark crevice and his whole life could change in an instant.

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