Epiphany (I)

She knocks again, and when I don’t answer, she begins to knock harder and eventually opens the door. It wasn’t locked, but I assume she wanted to give me privacy. I hear her gasp, and grab the pills from the floor.

“Damn!” She shakes the bottle and must noticed the pills missing. She’s still for a second. She gets up and leaves. The door to the bathroom is left wide open and I hear her unlock the hallway door. This could be my chance to go for it!

But she could be waiting for this, testing me. I take quick, quiet breaths, and I hear her walking back. But there’s one thing… she’s walking back, with the hallway door unlocked. She must really believe I took the pills.

“Damn, she really did take these stupid pills. I got to get her out,” She begins to reach over the tub to grab towels she must’ve kept hidden. That’s when I see my chance and hastily dunk her head into the tub of water, while she struggles to get out. I kick her in the nose and get out of the tub. While she tries to recover, I run for my life.

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