Epiphany (III)

The police didn’t take long coming to the house. A black police man looked around the house, while a bunch of other cops and medics, entered the house.

“TV doesn’t do you any justice. They usually say you guys take forever.”

“We’ve been dying to catch these crooks for a while now.”

“What?” I ask, surprised. Well, just a little.

“Ruth and Denny have been trying to get their hands on a baby for a while now,” He says. I give him a blank stare… how did he know, and what does that have to do with the police wanting them so bad? He notices this and continues, “Apparently they once threatened the adoption people, when they said Denny wasn’t a capable father,” He points to Denny, “as you can see.” I nod.

“So you’re arresting them because of that?”

“No. We’ve just recently left watch of this house, because it was reported that pregnant girls would enter this house and never come out. We assumed that Ruth couldn’t wait any longer and tried forcing the girls into labor. They all died. You’re the only survivor.”

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