Goodbyes (VII)

Now there is only one more place left to go. My place. Mary said I could sleep at her place tonight and she’d buy the extra ticket. I tell Ethan everything on the way to my house. From Ruth to my plan. I guess he has a right to know. He’s understanding enough, but I’m not worried about him. It’s my parents now.

“Where have you been?” My dad asks calmly as I enter the front door.

“Dad, we need to talk,” I say and I walk over to him, who is on the couch watching TV with my mom. “I’m moving out.” I say plain and simple. My dad laughs.

“Good one.”

“Dad, I’m serious. I need to get out of here. This town, away from you guys.”

“Stacie, we’ve been nothing but good to you lately, why would you want to jeopardize the baby’s health to move in with that boy?”

“Exactly, lately. What about before? Dad, look. I’m not moving in with Ethan. An adult friend of mine agreed to take care of me until I’m completely on my feet, we’re moving to New York tomorrow. I need to get my stuff packed.”

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