Goodbyes (VIII)

“Stacie, you don’t honestly think that plan is going to work? You can’t suddenly decide you want to go somewhere. You need planning, a ticket, and what about school? Do you know how much I pay for that?”

“I do have it all planned out, no thanks to you. I’ve been independent most of my life, and I’m only 17. I’ve gone through so much shit you don’t even know. I don’t know why you suddenly care. As for school, I’m transferring. Mary is helping me out and I’m all over this, Dad. I do have it planned out.”

“Oh, please. What can possibly be so bad that you want to leave this town? You’re an idiot if you think you can make it on your own with that baby.”

“I was a prostitute, Dad. I had sex for money because you didn’t support me!” I yell. It feels so refreshing to tell it to them. For them to know what I’m going through. His face finally moves from the TV, and my mom even opens her eyes.

“A what?” He asks. I don’t say anything. He heard me right. “Pack your things and get the fuck out.”

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