Red Button

Why is it always a red button? Would I have been less tempted to press it if it was blue or green? Why are red buttons the ones that I can’t press? Here’s a better question, why even create a button if no one is supposed to press it? I mean, what is the purpose of red buttons!
I think that the creator of that button tricked me. I think that they made that terrible red button because they knew I would press it. They knew that I would spend restless nights thinking of different ways to press the button..they knew it.
They knew that I would imagine the red button to be an entrance to a magical world. A world that only the creators of the red buttons could enter. They knew that I would try to enter this world, and therefore they created a decoy button, just for me…
I wish I wouldn’t have pressed that red button. If I wouldn’t have, I would be clean, and not covered in neon radioactive goo…

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