Return to Wonderland Chapter 1 Section 2

Alice was ashamed she had been trying to get back to Wonderland again, but she was glad that Julia hadn’t noticed that she was trying.
“I’m terribly sorry Ms. Julia ma’am,” she begged.
Julia looked at her with concern and content. “Humph, I don’t want to catch you trying to jump another river again, Alice,” she said. “Say, why were you trying to jump that ferocious river, dear?”
Alice looked at the ground. “It’s only a tiny stream, Ms. Julia. I thought I could make it, honest.”
“Alice, answer my question. You weren’t trying to get back to that Wonder-Believe world of yours, Alice?”
“Ma’am, it is not a make-believe world, I swear it is-“
“Alice! You can’t keep believing in made up nonsense. You are now ten years old. Now come on, we have to get back before it gets too dark.”
Alice only nodded as her nanny motioned for her to follow her. Up in the nearby tree, Alice noticed the crow that had frightened her so much to begin with.

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