Return to Wonderland Chapter 1 Section 3

Alice only nodded as her nanny motioned for her to follow her. Up in the nearby tree, Alice noticed the crow that had frightened her so much to begin with.
“Stupid crow,” Alice sneered, “It is because of you that all of this trouble started. And now my new shoes shall never be right again.”
At this, the crow felt bad the mischief he had clearly started, and so he apologized to Alice. “Why, my deepest apologies. I have learned my lesson indeed, madam.”
Alice stopped in her tracks and turned to the sorrowful crow. “Well, I say, you can talk. Have I wondered into Wonderland?” she asked the crow hopefully.
“Wonderland? Why would you want to go there? This place is much better!”
“Well, still, I haven’t been there in quite a while and this place is beginning to bore me some bit.” Alice said, now very intrigued, “Will you show me how to get there?”

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