Return to Wonderland Chapter 1 Section 4

The crow gave her a disapproving glare, “This place is much better though. Much, much better. Everything about it. The trees are much, much better. The streams are much, much better. Why, even the trees are much, much better.”
Alice dared to question without wanting to be too rude, “Mr. Crow, I think you mentioned the trees being much, much better twice, that is.”
“Yes, the trees. Those to are much, much better. How could I have forgotten to mention the trees when I’m sitting on one right this very hour?”
“I believe you mean ‘right this very minute’.” Alice said.
“No, I don’t believe I do. I’ve been sitting on this tree for well over a minute now. And since the next increment of time is one hour, I shall round up to that. Haven’t you taken simple arithmetic, girl?”

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