Return to Wonderland Chapter 1 Section 5

Alice pondered this odd statement the crow had inferred. How could one round up to an amount so much greater than the previous amount? Although, technically, the crow had been there for over a minute, so it would make sense to not say ‘right this very minute’.
Perplexing thoughts like this reminded Alice of her interactions with the characters in Wonderland. “Wait!” Alice thought, “Maybe this was a creature of Wonderland.”
But when she looked around, the terrain was all to familiar to the stream she had attempted to jump over moments before this conversation.
“Julia! I must show you to Julia,” Alice exclaimed looking up at the crow.
“Julia?” the crow asked, “I should very much like to see this Julia. That name reminds me of a poem I learned in Elementary School. Would you like to hear it, girl?”
Alice glanced around, looking for her nanny. “Although I am a huge fan of poetry, I need to find my nanny, Julia. She would be delighted to see you, and you would prove that Wonderland is real.”

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