The Academy - Munchkins (6) Part One

Well, now that you know all of that, I think I should tell you about The Munchkins (aka the kids we watch, me and John that is, he’s not much older than me, he’s 16)

Michael is the oldest at 14, he doesn’t like that someone is responsable for him, and usually goes off by himself, probably to think. He has black hair, and deep blue eyes, he is very insightful and super perceptive.

Next is Jake, he’s 12, to get to the point, he likes to blow things up, he has dark brown hair and brown eyes, a little short for his age, but he uses that to his advantage.

Then Isabel, she’s 11, and if you ask me, I think she has a thing for Jake. Don’t tell her I know, trust me, hidden beneath those blond curls and baby blue eyes is a mastermind.

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