The Academy - (7) Munchkins Part Two

Jasmine is 9, but tries to act as if she is Michael’s age. She has caramel colored skin, and chocolate eyes, and apparently the ability to act super cute and get whatever she wants. (A skill that she uses quite often on the teachers)

Next is Elena, she’s also 9, and although she is white, I think that Jasmine and she were seperated at birth, they always seem to know what’s on the other’s mind. She has dark brown hair and trusting green eyes.

You may be wondering why John and I look after Michael, concidering his age and all. He was adopted late, when he was about 3 years old, and still has some memories of what life was like before The Academy, so he is more questioning than others, and the leader of The Academy doesn’t really like people questioning her, so there you have it.

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