Space Invaders

“We have over 30 troops here tonight. Each of you trained with the latest strategies in combat. Each of you… is a weapon to kill.” Sarge panned his eyes over all of us. “To be safe, I will read the battle plan once more.”

Everyone in the room knew the plan already. Everyone except 100789. That bastard. Where was he?

Sarge pulled out the chalkboard we had seen so many times. “When the enemy appears, do not be shaken when you see your neighbor blown away. Front line that’s your job.”

Front line gulped.

“We will move down and at once change direction when we hit the side of the enemy’s view. As we begin to lower-”

Sarge was cut off by a sudden burst into the prep room. It was 100789. “Alright! Let’s make this happen ladies!” With that he grabbed his blaster and jumped out of the exit hatch. Sarge stared out the exit hatch. No one could see anything.

Three minutes passed, and suddenly 100789 came bursting back up through the exit hatch, sweating heavily. “Well,” he panted, “Am i a space invader or what?”

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