Captain Laura and Pirate Eric

Captain Laura looked up from her instruments and saw planks of wood bobbing in the waves. A shipwreck, she thought. There could be valuables or supplies around. As long as no one was the wiser, she could help herself to something to trade at next dock.

She stepped out from the bridge to the front balcony as the boat continued on. She wanted to scope the damage with her own eyes. The ship cleaved through the wreckage. Each piece of flotsam had separated by great distances, which disappointed her. Days had passed since the ship had gone down. Any booty would have been scavenged or water-logged enough to sink by now.

Nonetheless, she kept her eyes forward, searching. The warm thick breeze tousled her curly, red hair, teasing it in front of her eyes. This was its own world, vast and empty like space. Standing out on the bow made her feel like its queen. And the floating planks were her subjects.

Until one of them called out.

“Uh, hello? Up there?” said a voice. “Little help? Down here?”

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