Famous Blue Raincoat

Leonard looked over at Jane and felt an overwhelming tiredness. It had been a long night, culminating with a 5:00am walk to the nearest post office. He feared that if he put the letter in their mailbox, he might have change his mind. Now it was too late. The words were out there, the letter sent. His brother would never be the same to him again.

Jane looked up and stared at Leonard for a moment. “Are you Okay? You were up late last night. “

“I’m fine, just restless” Leonard replied in a casual tone but he wasn’t fine at all.

Jane went back to her newspaper and bowl of cornflakes. Leonard looked down at his own breakfast. He focused intently on stirring sugar into his coffee without allowing his hands to shake . He peeked at Jane from under his lashes. He loved her so much but why did her happiness come at his expense?

This was not the life he imagined. In his dreams, he was loved first.

He looked at Jane again, praying he had made the right choice.

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