More Than A Wet T-Shirt Contest

“I need you to stand in the rain.”

I was standing on Jim Johnson’s porch with a wall of water behind me. It was loud enough that I raised my voice to make sure he could hear me.

“What? Why?” I yelled.

“It’ll wash the scent off you.” Even though his voice was a hoarse purr, I could hear him just fine.

“My clothes will be ruined-”

“Look, you came to me, right?”

Sighing at the outrageous suggestion and rolling my eyes I did as he asked. I thrust my raincoat into his waiting hands and turned out towards the darkened streets. Out to where that thing had attacked me. It was only two steps but I was suddenly afraid. I looked back at Jim Johnson who nodded grimly.

As soon as I stepped off the porch I was soaked to the bone. My blouse, skirt and even worse, my hair, stuck to my skin. Even though I was cold, wet and miserable, I could feel a subtle change. I felt safer.

“Moving water is the oldest of the purifiers and less dangerous than fire. Usually. Now come inside and tell me about your monster.”

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