My Spoken Word

I feel the rhythms of the bass flowing through me as this pen connects to the paper
The Vocals of Brandy’s Human Album connects me with the melodies and harmonies of something new.
I can feel it brewing, all the emotions swirling against the tides of the pianos and winds of the instruments,
Its amazing as the chorus starts, and my pen speaks on its own, telling my stories, my hurts and pains, my passions and greatest achievements.
I feel it, the strong rise of her runs versus the metaphors of a crying soul,
Her dynamics as it reaches a mezzo forte and my pen bleeds through the paper
Expressing my deepest sorrows against her lovely harmonies
I fall deeper in love with her voice and deeper into my masterpieces
I feel like wrapping my words around me, & letting it hug me tightly away from my insecurities
Allowing her melodies & the sounds of the orchestra behind her to explore my tears & allow my words to explode.
Allow my spoken word to touch as many people as when I wrote the piece, falling deeper in love.

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