Krulltar's Release

“After 8 months,” Krulltar’s voice thunders from atop the parish courthouse steps, “I, Kevin Riley Thomas, an honest businessman and philanthropist, have finally been vindicated from these slanderous charges.”

A young woman maneuvers through crowd of reporters, and pushes a microphone up to Krulltar. “Ms. Elsha Hawk. Channel 9 News. Our viewers want to know, what you think of Hillbilly Batman, the one who assisted the police in your capture.”

“He is a misguided man who thinks he can take the law into his own hands. Do we want want our children to see lynching in the streets? Surely not. We have laws, Ms. Hawk, and vigilantism, no matter how well intentioned, cannot be tolerated. That’s why I will be running for Parish President in next month’s elections.”

A roar of chatter runs through the assemblage as Krulltar pushs past the flashbulbs and steps into the waiting car.

“Where to?” the driver asks.

Krulltar’s eyes narrow. “Take me home, Perry. It’s time I built a mouse trap. Or should I say ’bat trap’.”

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