Return to Wonderland Chapter 1 Section 8

“Oh, Mr. Crow. Please wait for me!”
Alice began to run, seeing the stream coming near. This was it, she had to make one big jump to catch up with the crow (who was rudely not listening to her, or so it seemed.)
The stream neared Alice and she leaped over, swiftly and soundly landing on the other side. A bit surprised by her own stunt, she hesitated to run again, but then noticed the pesky bird flying even faster up the hill. She would have to run at quite a speed to catch up at the rate he was flying at.
Alice began running almost as fast as she had ever run. “Only next to the time I had to keep up with the Red Queen,” she thought back to herself, “That was quite a good bit of speed she had.”
As Alice neared the top of the hill, the crow dipped down and flew over the edge, which seemed like he dove straight down. Alice kept running to keep up with him though. It seemed as if the hill never seemed to end though.

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