Judgement Day suicide

Don’t go. Don’t leave me here, Nephi! I didn’t mean to use God’s words for my greedy means. I didn’t.

I woke up from my nightmare drenched in sweat despite the cold and bitter winter wind. I felt around for a packet of matchsticks.

Joseph, you disappoint me.

Nephi, is that you?

The silence was deafening. And Nephi kept his silence. The question hung in the air like a fishing hook.

Nephi… Are we going to continue with the translation?

*No. *

What are we going to do? My confusion caused me to swing the candle around, in search of Nephi.

I thought you were a good man, Joseph. But you are not. God has no use for you now, Joseph. No use. You are a pathetic man, Joseph.

I gave my whole life to God.

You’re of no use to Him.

I… I… I will prove myself. To Him. Prove myself. I whispered.

Kill yourself, Joseph. The voice hissed promptly. Kill yourself, you greedy man. He has no use of you now.

I picked up a dagger by the open window and lashed out.

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