Was It Really A........

Jim was sitting at the corner of the gym, watching Amy dance along to a song with her boyfriend. After several minutes of dancing, Amy walked over to the bleachers and sat down while holding the hands of Josh.

Josh placed his arms around her and lit a smoke. Amy waved away the smoke from her face, as she talked to Josh. Jim knew that Amy wasn’t to please at all by the reaction on her face, Jim felt the anger inside him growing more deeper then ever.

Her boyfriend had flicked the smoke down to the lower steps of the bleachers and walked off into the streets. Jim got up to follow him towards his car; and made his way towards the door of the gym and saw the rain pouring down onto the parking lot. He ran out to catch up with him, while holding his hands up to protect his suit.

Jim then noticed Josh standing next to his car, talking with a cheerleader. His hands were on her waist, and he was kissing her cheeks. Jim crept around the side of his car without them seeing him; it wasn’t anything new towards Jim.

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