Teenager's Lament I

Finals are coming up, better yet, the tests that determine if I do indeed make it to the next grade are coming up. Math and science are the ones particularly making my hands sweat. Even though I don’t agree with this whole dot filling bonanza; that accounts for 10% of my final grade.

As if my life as a teenager isn’t filled to capacity already. I still have to beat that last level on Resistance 2, before I pull my eyes out. I also need a job, so I can get my cash correct, but the recession seems to be preventing that. At least that’s what the many buisnesses tell me, either that, or “We’ll see son.”

Without this moohla I can’t do a whole lot of things, like, clothes, food, videogames. The latter of the 2 are completely necessary. I can survive without fresh clothes.

All the while I can’t ever let the girls see me sweat (Except for when I play basketball). Got to make it appear that everythings OK. Now I have to drive home and clean my room it’s dirty as hell.

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