Down There

This was the 6th night I had heard a noise coming from underneath my bed. Well, noise wasn’t the right word. Actually, it was a distinct voice talking to me. It said things like, “Hey Luke, I’m gonna kill you,” and, “Hey Luke, come down here and look at my teeth.”

“You’re only gonna live for a little longer. You know that right?” It said to me.

“Why are you doing this?” I asked, trying to keep my quivering voice down.

“Hehehe,” was all I heard back.

“Stop!” was all that the monster heard back.

He kept laughing. I didn’t talk for a while.

“Hey, come down here,” he demanded.

“No,” I replied.

No one talked for a while.

“Listen, you little piece of crap, get down here or I’ll kill your mom!” It yelled. Then It yelled some more. Just noises, but it scared me.

No one talked for a while.

“Get down here, or I’ll never leave. Ever,” It said.

I went down there.

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