Is it Insanity?

Brian was gently rapping his head against the kitchen table when his fiancée Carol came home. She watched for a few raps, then put the groceries away.

She sat down across from him and stated, “It was your idea.”

Resting his head on the table, Brian replied, “And you didn’t talk me out of it.”

Carol rolled her eyes and snorted a laugh. “When you thought of writing thirty stories in thirty days to challenge yourself and as a stunt to increase traffic to your website, didn’t you realize you’d have to write? You know, thirty stories in as many days.

“Yeah.” Brian sat up rubbing his forehead. “I just didn’t think it would be so excruciating.”

Carol chuckled. “Don’t artists need to suffer for their art?”

“Just my luck,” Brian grumbled. “I’m not a masochist.”

“Then you must just be crazy.”

Brian shrugged. “Well duh. We already knew that.”

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