Sip Sip Sip.

They say the little things that annoy you about your mate are what you miss when they pass away. I really can’t say if that’s true. They say that the you get over the little things, you stop noticing them. That’s where I call bullshit. I met my beautiful wife six years ago at the cafe next to my office. She was nibbling on a muffin and I was immediately smitten. If it had been later in the day when I met her I wouldn’t have said hello. At least, I wouldn’t if she had been having soup. She’s a sipper. It drives me insane, but it’s been so long I can’t say anything now. I honestly didn’t know about how she sipped her soup before we got married. I don’t how I went so long with out hearing it. She never ate soup before we were married. Sometimes when she’s eating I wonder if she did it on purpose. Did she hide the soup sipping from me intentionally? That’s how crazy it makes me. I start to think did my beautiful wife plotted to trap me into a hell of soup sipping. I hate Campbell’s.

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