Amy Hit the Atmosphere

He used to love sunny days. Everything was easier when the sky was open and blue, but now the sun just seemed heavy. Oppressive. He wished he could wash this sunny day down to the gutter, just to get a change of pace. He blamed her.

Amy entered his life like a summer storm. He saw her brewing and building on the horizon of his carefully ordered life, but he had been powerless, or unwilling, to move. He’d been waiting so long for her, although he never realized the hole in his life until after she’d filled it.

She been the lightning strike that had started his heart, started his life, and ended it simultaneously. A girl like Amy never stayed long, and now that she was gone he knew that things were going to get worse. But, he felt a lot better for the brief touch of passionate power she’d allowed him.

And now… there had to be a change. Today was just a day fading into another, and that can’t be what a life is for. But he knew she’d be happier away from here, and that’s all that really mattered to him.

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