Horrible Mistake

Amber Woods was a normal girl. In as much as she had two arms and two legs and a head on her shoulders. She wasn’t particularly pretty nor was she ugly. Not tall but not short either. She was physically the embodiment of plain. What made her odd, at least what made her odd at first glance, was the tin foil. She wore a hat of tin foil everywhere she went. When asked why she responded that everyone knew you lost seventy five percent of your body heat out the top of your head. She said she was conserving energy. Everyone thought, not so secretly, that she was insane, but she was the harmless type of insane that gave everyone something to talk about so people mostly left her alone. True the other kids called spud because her head usually resembled a baked potato but she took it a friendly nickname. She was a trusting girl and chose to think the best of people. This, as you can probably guess, was a horrible mistake.

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